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Hyosung 3.125" x 850’ Heavy Weight Thermal Paper Blank

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Hyosung 3.125" x 850’ Heavy Weight Thermal Paper

Our top quality ATM paper is packed to order, and always ships on time. Feel free to contact us with questions or for more information.

ATM Paper Specifications

  • Hyosung Heavy Weight Thermal Paper
  • 80 Gram Paper
  • 10 Year Image Life
  • BPA Free
  • Blank
  • 11/16” core
  • 3.125" x 850’
  • 8 rolls / carton
  • [GTS1024]

This ATM paper fits the following ATM's:
Nautilus Hyosung ATM Compatibility:
Hyosung NH-1000 
Hyosung NH-1500
Hyosung NH-1800
Hyosung NH-1800CE
Hyosung NH 1800SE
Hyosung NH-2000
Hyosung NH-2100T 
Hyosung NH-2600        
Hyosung NH-2700T                
Hyosung NH-2700 CE
Hyosung Monimax MX 5000CE
Hyosung Monimax MX 5000SE
Hyosung Monimax MX 5100T
Hyosung Monimax MX 5200
Hyosung Monimax MX 5300CE
Hyosung Monimax MX 5300XP
Hyosung Monimax MX 7000T
Hyosung Halo
Hyosung Halo II (MX2600SE)
Hyosung Halo S
Hantle / Tranax ATM Compatibility:
Hantle / Tranax MB-1000 ATM Paper
Hantle / Tranax MB-1500 ATM Paper
Hantle / Tranax MB-2000 ATM Paper
Hantle / Tranax MB-E4000 ATM Paper
Hantle / Tranax MB-C4000 ATM Paper
Hantle / Tranax MB-C4000T ATM Paper
Hantle / Tranax MB-X4000 ATM Paper
Hantle / Tranax TK-1000 ATM Paper
Genmega ATM Compatibility:
Genmega G6000 ATM Paper
Genmega GK1000 ATM Paper