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Brother Compatible 8.5 x 11 sheets LB3635

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These Direct Thermal Sheets of paper are designed to work with the PocketJet series of printers by Brother.  The sheets come in shrink wrap sleeves of 100 sheets and are 25 sleeves per carton.  2500 total sheets per carton.  This product is BPA free and has an image life of 10 years. Compatible as a replacement for LB3635. 

Works with:

 PJ622 PocketJet 6, PJ622-K,PJ623 PocketJet 6 Plus, PJ623-K, PJ662 PocketJet 6 with Bluetooth, PJ662-K, PJ663 PocketJet 6 Plus with Bluetooth, PJ663-K, PJ673-K, PJ722, PJ723, PJ762, PJ763, PJ763MFi, PJ773, PocketJet 3, PocketJet 3 Plus, PocketJet 673